Tuesday, 26 March 2013

CSI and Aspie logic

Oh, how I wish you all your own adorable Aspie - because sometimes the laughter is precious!
So, we're watching his favourite CSI (thank you, Granny in Derry) and the plot is a murder, possibly by the police dog - which, of course, makes no sense - the dog is trained for everything but.
Turns out the dog is French, from Paris (how, why???) and only responds to  Laissez! Tomber! Venez! etc.
And the story pans out and all is eventually well, when the dog now understands all English for the finale.
Adorable Aspie says, Wow. The dog understands enough English now to have a new owner.
We say, well he wasn't really French.
Ooops. Wrong answer.
Of course he was French -or he wouldn't have known how to act.
Darling, maybe they added the lines later?
Well, yes, the English ones.
How did he understand the French?
He was Canadian.
Hubs suggested it was a CGI dog.
Yes - a brilliant French-Canadian canine actor. Of course.
All love to simplicity of logic and our gorgeous Aspies everywhere who stop us talking sh**e.