Thursday, 16 June 2011

From Page to Stage

Thanks to the previous success writing and performing my one-woman show (From Within)I was asked to run a couple of workshops at the oldest (as in first) UK Arts Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset on Scriptwriting called from Page to Stage. It is linked with an autumn event in conjunction with another centre at Taunton: a scratch night. A scratch night is where actors take scenes of brand new writing to the stage so the writer and audience can see how well it works in action. It’s very exciting for new writers to see their words come to life. I have been through the process as both actor and writer so I am very pleased to be involved in a different role this time; inspiring new playwrights to develop their work.
The first workshop was so much fun the participants requested an extra date. So this Saturday at 10.30am we will be doing a session on Character. Our final session as regards the scratch night will be July 9th when we’ll be working on Plot.
It gives me a real buzz to be able to share creative journeys with other writers. It is always a two-way street (as those of us on the BWAPpublishing Programme have learned from one another). We all educate one another in our different approaches, methods, and motivation.
I’m really looking forward to the next two sessions, and I suspect the actor in me may just have to get involved in the scratch night too!