Monday, 28 October 2013

Being Jo Caulfield's anchor woman...

Being Jo Caulfield’s anchor woman…better the devil you know!

Some of you will already know that I run the programme at Bridgwater Arts Centre in Somerset, as a volunteer. A perk of this insanity is that I get to meet lots of artists from musicians to actors to comedians.

Last night, I arrived with family and friends hoping to sit quietly in a corner to enjoy Jo Caulfield’s ‘Better the devil you know’ show. But I was met in reception with, “You’re introducing Jo Caulfield, ok?”


You see it’s one thing introducing a band, or gig because you just have to shout out their name in an excited voice and clap a lot. But a comedian? Well, I’ve only ever seen them introduced by other comedians – you know, the warm-up guy, who says something funny.

Problem is: I am the world’s worst teller of jokes. I either remember the story but forget the punchline, or I remember the punchline with no clue as to how to get to it. So, slightly panicked, that is what I said for my intro, adding, “Lucky for you to be in the hands of the sharp-witted, funny Jo Caulfield instead.” Phew.

We had a little chat in the interval as I cheekily pointed out that we were on the same page in the local paper last week, and gave her a copy of my novel. She graciously accepted and got me back by adding, “You’ll introduce the second half?”

“Yes, of course,” I squeaked.

Well I was determined to be funny this time, and I’m planning a pretend joke to poke fun at myself or some such genius. And I got my laugh: after taking the stage, reaching for the mic and promptly dropping it to the floor with a thud! Needless to say, the gifted comedienne and the audience got some mileage out of that. And I’m quite sure Jo felt the title of her tour validated once more.

I hope she likes the book...

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