Tuesday, 22 October 2013

50 Shades of Dr Who

50 shades of Dr Who: it’s a timey-wimey thing.

I have decided that writing a book is like folding time. (Yes, I may have spent too much time with the lovely son in the company of select science fiction).

But it’s true. Time is elastic. For example, there’s the big long time when I worry about what to write, how to address the structure, the different voices etc. Then there’s the stretchy procrastinating time filled with a million displacement activities.  Then there’s the manic time in fast-motion as my arm aches trying to keep up with the words that are pouring out onto the page. (Yes, I am a pen and paper girl).

Next is the slower type-it-up stage where time plods as slowly as my rubbish four finger typing.
Eventually, I send the manuscript off and time stops! Well, it must have, because no-one is bombarding me with replies, begging for my wonderful work…

Stopped time has been anything from months to years. This time, it worked. The reply came from the interested publisher. Woohoo! And time became a workload of serious attention as the Editor appeared.

Guess what? Time stopped again. I had to wait for my place on the list…whenever that might be.

And bang. A big bang for me. Launch date is announced and it’s only weeks away. Watch that time fly as press are contacted, posters and cards made, parties planned and strategies considered.

Lovely son tells everyone he meets about my book, describing it as ‘a bit 50 shades’, which he hasn’t read so I’m not sure what his connection is…who cares? At least he’s proud of me.

And we get to now. …but I love you is released this week. You can read about it following this link to my author page www.indigodreamsbookshop.com/#/sinead-gillespie/4579694835
It’s on sale there, and at Waterstone’s and Amazon. 

And I am so happy that my time is full up.

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