Sunday, 27 February 2011

Horses and Poo

The darling Aspie loves Science and animals. He wants a job. Science technician in a vet's lab would be ideal. BUT he doesn't do poo. Perhaps this is why his preferred, as in totally adored, choice of animal is the cat. (Takes its poo away somewhere else).
So, with a few negotiations he is now doing a bit of volunteering at a nearby equine centre and apparently poo is a lot less awful if it's on the end of a long shovel. And if the happy horse is nudging you with love.
Small steps. Smiling son.


  1. We have a she-cat and five kittens. Prefer mucking out horses any day of the week. All children should have a go at dealing with the business end. And tip: Catshit's not half as good for wrinkles.

  2. It probably pongs a bit better though. Baby steps indeed, just mind where he's putting them! :)

  3. @Leanne, he did hose down his wellies! @David, not even going to try!