Friday, 18 February 2011

Context, or lack of it.

Oliver rushes in to his step-dad's office. "Do you have a meter?" Ian looks around his room, "Um, that table's a meter. A meter of string? Possibly. What for? I think I have a meter rule." Now on his feet trying to answer Oli's request.
"No. An electricity meter. The man's at the door."

Yes, the electricity man had come to read the meter and Oli didn't know where it was.
Life is all so very clear when we remember to put things in context. Or when you remember that someone else's neural pathways don't fire the same way as yours.


  1. OhmiGosh. Reminds me of a friend who bought his son, Karl, to a dinner do. "Say hello, Karl," father said. "Hello, Karl,"...said Karl. Ahh, said Dad. Love 'em.