Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Beloved Aspie on self-driving cars

Well, Beloved Aspie (BA) suffers a little from vicarious road rage, by which I mean, he isn't driving, but he rages for me at other drivers' incompetences. Sometimes, I have to point out that I am not cross, so he needn't be. Mostly, he makes me notice how often I mutter about other drivers...

So when he started a conversation the other day about self-driving cars, I anticipated the worst. Obviously, they are a ridiculous idea, and will only cause other drivers hassle. Right?

Wrong. That was not where he was going with that one.

"Mum, I think self-driving cars should be given to old people first. There really is too much to try to do and worry about in new cars with the phone blue-toothed in and the sat nav in the dashboard. And all the driver is trying to do is get to the right place at the right speed. So if old people had self-driving cars, the car would make all those decisions for them and they'd be much happier."

That was a surprise. And in my usual over-enthusiastic way, I take the conversation further, "Would you extend that to new drivers as well, then, give them a chance to build their confidence?"

"Don't be stupid, Mum. They need to learn properly from the very beginning or they'll never be good drivers."

Well, that's me told.

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