Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Aspies and she-wees.

Every once in a while Beloved Aspie surprises me with a random response...(okay maybe that's more often than once in a while).
On a family outing last Sunday, my husband and I were discussing my progress with my 'she-wee' as I prepare for my trek in the Himalayas, when the outburst from behind us in the car went something along the lines of,"we should find that factory and burn it down, destroy the designs, forbid the manufacture forever" and other such 'I'm on a killing, role play game' type expletives.
Bemused and bewildered I asked him to explain his harsh response."Surely you don't want me to get bitten on the bum by some snake or giant spider?" I ask.
 "No", he says, "you have to clear the area first, with a stick."
"But the she-wee is so much easier."
"No. It's wrong. People should not make things that go against nature."
So, there you are, a woman standing up to pee is just the first step towards...who knows? But he didn't like it.

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